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Wednesday, 7 April 2010


When Random House wouldn't re-print Selkie, I was frustrated. Selkie had sold steadily for over a decade and would continue to do so, if kept in print. So I decided to re-issue it myself. I got back the rights - something that's becoming increasingly difficult to do - found a typographer who had a particular interest in picture books and a good local printer who would print 1,000 copies at a reasonable price.
    I now have a small warehouse under my spare room bed.

It's great being able to take Selkie into schools again; one of my most popular workshops is about magical creatures that change shape and is based on this book. 
    Now I feel I've become a shape changer myself - author/illustrator turned publisher. I'm in control again but, like the Selkie, I must make sure I don't lose my old skin if I want to change back and complete the next book.


  1. how do we order a copy, gillian? you forgot to close the sale by telling us that!

  2. What a bad publisher I am! It sells on Amazon Market Place: ISBN 978-0-9565108-0-8.
    Random House are kindly helping me to get the US rights reverted and then it is allowed to be sold on Amazon Advantage. Gardners, the distributor for UK independent bookshops has also taken it on. And then, of course, there's my website: www.gillianmcclure.com
    Selling is a big learning curve -I'll write a post on it once I've cracked it!