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Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Digestive System at the House of Commons

It was at the House of Commons that Steve Alton and Nick Sharratt won the 2009 Educational Writers’ Award; at the All Party Writers Group winter drinks reception held at on 2 December.

Their book was The Gooey Chewy Rumble Plop Book about the digestive system – I know my grandsons will love it when they’re a bit older.
There was a wonderful incongruity between the book’s long pink rubbery tongue and pop up guts and the solemn venue.

As we all sipped wine and ate canapés in Dining Room A, the Digital Economy Bill was having its second reading. Outside the loos I’d seen a bit of it on the screen but there was no sound and not being a lip reader only managed to catch a ‘no’ to something from Lord Mandelson. The significance of this bill for authors and illustrators is that audio and e-books are included in Clause 44. We have our wonderful Public Lending Right Scheme to thank for that and its Registrar, Jim Parker, who has our interests so much at heart.

Here’s a photo taken at the second International PLR Conference at Copenhagen back in1997 when I served on the Advisory Committee. Jim is right in the front.

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