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Saturday, 8 September 2012


The 5th Pearce Memorial Lecture was held at Homerton College, Cambridge last Thursday and Malorie Blackman was the speaker. The title of her talk was: 21st Century Storytelling: Will the advent of new technology create a paradigm shift in the writing and reading of children's literature?
Here she is with Jill Paton Walsh
 and with Philppa Pearce’s daughter, Sally and grandchildren Nat and Will.

Malorie opened up a big discussion about the merits of both the physical book and the enhanced e-book. I guess that anyone attending this lecture series would be a lover of the physical book but possibly open minded about the merits of interactive links to stories and on-line reviews by young bloggers. So it was good to hear one book form could compliment the other and there would still be a place for the quality book to treasure, touch and hand on down to grandchildren.

It was interesting, also, to hear that Julia Donaldson was against The Gruffalo becoming an e-book.

All the lectures can be downloaded from the website:

The Pearce Lecture


  1. I agree - I thought Malorie's talk was a very thought-provoking and ultimately optimistic view of the effects of current developments. Another great Philippa Pearce lecture!

  2. Good to see you there, Janet. And next year it's Kevin Crossley- Holland speaking. That should be good too and very different.

  3. I'll be there. I'm enjoying Arthur - the Seeing Stone at the moment. I needed a reminder that I'd never read it!