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Wednesday, 20 January 2010


It was after being impressed by the intelligence of a six-year-old who happened to have a large head and very spindly legs that I started to draw children like that. He has become the child proto-type I carry in my head for all my child characters.
Quentin Blake, in a review of Selkie in Books For Keeps said 'there was something reminiscent of the fairyland illustrations of Dicky Doyle' in my illustrations.

Dicky Doyle was a Victorian illustrator, 1824- 1883, who also went in for large heads.  Perhaps that was what Quentin Blake was referring to. Here are two examples of Dicky Doyle's work:

And here is a page from Selkie with that child with the large head and spindly legs:

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  1. pulpsfromthebothy10 February 2010 at 10:37

    I have been enjoying bird spotting in the pages of your beautifully illustrated Selkie, I also look for them when I read magazines/comics. Page 7-Herring Gull, p11-Shag, p17-possible Kittiwake?,p13-14 I was looking for Eider Ducks, but I didn't find any.

    btw, love the book!